About Heroes


Traditional and modern training is used to help develop a better martial artist. Great patience is needed and nurtured to achieve Black Belt rank at Heroes.

CrossFit S.W.A.T. Camp

Our CrossFit class is for those who don't need extreme training to achieve fitness goals. Strength, Weight-loss, Agility and Toning Camp can help you.


We offer boxing for those teens and adults interested in learning the basics. Instructed by Jon Magno of Hyper Active Monkey Fitness you'll get what you need.

Self Defense

We use modern and traditional Taekwondo infused with Hapkido training overseen by Hapkido Grandmaster Major Kim of Eagle Talon Martial Arts.

Sabumnim David Garcia

Master Instructor and Owner

Sabumnim Garcia opened Heroes Taekwondo Academy in 2010 to pass down the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo to all who wanted to learn. Teaching for many years at other dojangs helped to develop his ability to understand and train young children, teenagers and adults with compassion, dedication and understanding. Through this journey he felt that those he supported did not stay true to the ideals of their philosophies or teachings. He hoped that by opening his own school he could share his own philosophies while still holding firm to the traditions of the past Korean Masters and Grand Masters. He himself had to fall into this same pit of polotics, blur of his ideals and personal troubles.


In 2016 Sabumnim Garcia with his wife Mrs. Delia decided to close their school and re-open in a new location with new ideals, training and philosophies. HTA is now an exclusive Dojang only teaching a small number of practitioners. No longer looking at the school as a business, but more as a place to increase health, patience and martial guidance. Heroes will focus on upgraded Taekwondo self defense techniques with the guidance of Hapkido Grandmaster Major Kim of Eagle Talon Martial Arts. This new era of Heroes Taekwondo Academy will benefit those who decide to join HTA and become a member of this small elite group of Black Belts under Sabumnim Garcia.

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